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Glendora City Council 2015

Vote  March 3rd


"When Joe Santoro was elected to the City Council in 2011 he completed all of his campaign promises during his first term in office by working hard, closely listening to the people of Glendora, paying attention to the details of city government and maintaining city government transparency that is second to none.

During his first four years on the City Council Joe helped maintain the following programs during the “Great Recession” that severely impacted cities throughout the state:·     

* Balanced City Budget during the great recession when other cities were running out of money and some declaring Bankruptcy

* Excellent “Budget Reserve Fund” to properly respond to city emergencies like the Colby Fire and subsequent flooding in 2014

* Excellent city services to insure clean and improved streets, water systems, beautiful parks and systematically improving the city infrastructure system

* Excellent Library programs when other cities were significantly reducing services and some closing them completely

* Police and Fire Services that are second to none

* Excellent city parks and programs for our senior citizens    

A Lifetime of Preparation, Experience and Volunteer Community Service

OFFICAL WEBSITE FOR: Joe Santoro for City Council 2015 - 417 W. Foothill Blvd. - Glendora - CA - 91740 - #184   ID # 1373020


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